Macpherson Eggshell Brilliant White 5L 5027786

Macpherson Eggshell Brilliant White 5L 5027786

Product description

A great all-rounder, Macpherson Eggshell is a high opacity coating formulated to give a great sheen finish which is both washable and resistant to condensation.

Coverage: Up to 16m² per litre depending on surface texture.

Drying times: Under normal drying conditions touch dry in 4-6 hours, recoatable after 16 hours. Allow for adequate ventilation during the drying period. A characteristic of the new technology used in this product is that whiteness intensifies as the paint dries. The sheen will reach its final level approx. 2 weeks after application.


EU limit value for this product (cat.A/d): 300 g/l (2010) This product contains max. 299 g/l VOC.